Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Fishing

Dear Friends,
After a long winter break from fishing, spring is finally here! This is the best time of year for fly fishing in Japan.
Yesterday, I went to Sasama-gawa with my fishing buddy Mr. Sakai-san. It was a clear day with light winds. Perfect fly fishing conditions.
Mr. Sakai-san caught 4 amago trout for the day. A very good catch for this area. His largest fish was about 23 cm. (see below)

I hooked 2 amago, but only landed one of them. It was small, about 15 cm. But I was happy, because it was my first fish of the season.

There was a hatch of tan mayflies that day. And "match the hatch" fishing produced all of the fish. Here is a close-up of a mayfly from that day. Notice the orange egg sack on the abdomen. I am thinking of adding the orange bit to some of my tied fllies.

Here is a mayfly from Kanogawa (week before last). This mayfly was 2 to 3 times the size of the one above from Sasamagawa. Also notice the difference in wing color.

I told my friends Spider and Dan at DK Littleton Outfitters in Greenville South Carolina that I would take a picture with one of their flags in Japan.
Check out their web-site here.