Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fly of the Week

At our farewell party, Mr. Sakai san presented me with a book of 15 Traditional Flies (+1) from the fly fishing class. I have decided that I will try to learn to tie one fly each week. So far I have learned the first two flies in the book.

The first fly is the Light Cahill. I used this fly on Laurel Fork last week. It just so happened that this is the fly they were hitting on. The wings are made of mallard flank and the hackle is light ginger. Tied on a #14 Tiemco TMC 531 hook.
Here is the second fly in the book, it is the Quill Gordon. The body is made of stripped peacock quill. It uses the same mallard flank as the Cahill and the hackle is medium pale dun. Tied on a #14 Tiemco 531 hook.
Inside the book was a "Soft Hackles" sticker. Mr. Sakai san said that I was now an official member of the Soft Hackles fly fishing club. I count it a great honor.

1 comment:

  1. Hi David:
    It is good to learn how to tie classic flies.
    And you may want to know the history of these classic flies.
    This is the process many fly fishermen have taken to be a full-fledged fisherman.