Monday, September 8, 2008

Upper Davidson

I went to the upper section of the Davidson River yesterday. It is designated "wild- catch and release only". I had a good day, a total of about 25 fish, but I quit counting around 15. The "fish of the day" was this wild 11 inch brown trout. He made a good account for himself on the light #2 weight rod.

I caught 3 other browns, 2 of which were nice size.

I still have not gone back to the "secret" stream. I want to wait to after a nice rain, so the fish will be more active and not so stressed from the low water levels.


  1. Hi David:
    The brown trout in the photo is really a descentant of von Behr trout which has pretty red spots and is a Bachforelle of Schubert.

  2. Yes, the red spots were like vermillion and very pretty. Also, it's stomach was bright yellow. I did not know that there are different types of brown trout. You are very knowledgable!

    This weekend I am going fishing with my mother and father at the ocean. I bought a #8 fly rod and large arbor reel. I will try for red fish (red drum) from my father's boat. This is my first time to fly fish for red drum. Maybe I will have beginner's luck?