Friday, December 28, 2007

The Grayling

Recently a good friend of mine shared some photos he took of some nice grayling. The grayling is a memeber of the salmon family and is not concidered a true trout. However, it is a beautiful fish with a high fan-like dorsal fin, from which it gets it's nickname "the lady of the stream". Grayling will take a fly, making it a good sport fish.

Please enjoy his photos.


  1. Hi David:
    Finally, you updated your blog after a long rest. I'd like to add that those grayling are caught in a river deep in Mngolia, and I have found that they are very similar to European grayling.

  2. Kyousirou-san,
    Thank you for your comment and the nice pictures. I was not sure where you caught these grayling. Are there grayling in Japan also? Maybe in Hokaido area?

  3. No, grayling is not distributed in Japan at all.
    Referring to the gayling in the pictures, I caught them in Mongolia.
    Grayling is widelyb distributed in Europe,and I caught them in Austria and in Slovenia. In the states, I caught it in the Gibbon River in the Yellowstone National Park.
    It is really a pretty fish!