Tuesday, April 15, 2008


After leaving Ashinoko on Sunday morning we went to Oshino River, about a one hour drive. We stopped by the "River's Edge" fly fishing shop and talked to the local pro, Watanabe-san and his wife. He told us the best place to fish on the Oshino River.

We went to Section 8 (Kindaichi) of Oshino River. If you click on the link below, it will take you to an interactive map of Section 8. Click the camera icon to view photographs along the river. If you select the 2nd camera from the right, that is where I was fishing. http://www.ffmedia.net/oshino/oshino_guide_map.htm

Kawano-sensei was fishing just upstream from me. He caught a nice brown trout, but I did not get a picture, sorry. Standing behind Dr. Kawano is Take-san. He served as my guide for the entire afternoon. He was very patient and helpful. He "loaned" me several flies which I promptly lost in the trees.
Take-san gave me a personalized keychain (pictured below). It has a beautiful engraving of a Japanese Yamame trout on one side and my name on the other.
(below: 20 cm brown trout I caught using a #16 CDC mayfly)

(below: 29 cm brown trout I caught using a CDC mayfly)

(below is a nice 35 cm rainbow. I caught it on a #16 mayfly and 7X tippet)
Daisuke-san and Ru-chan having some quality father-son time as mommy and Take-san look on.

Mr. Sakai-san caught two rainbows at Oshino (22 cm and 30 cm).

After fishing we returned to the River's Edge fly shop for dinner, they have a small cafe there. I had a delicious roastbeef sandwich.


  1. Dave
    It looks great...keep on fly fishing...I am excited to see another "big catch" picture of you..

  2. I'm really enjoying your blog and all the great pictures of the fish. I love that keychain. Are they for sale anywhere?