Wednesday, April 30, 2008


April 27 I went to Toyamagawa River in the Southern Japan Alps for my final fly fishing trip in Japan (for a while anyway). My assignment in Japan has come to and end so my wife and I will be returning to the US on May 1st.
It was about a 4 hour drive from Kakegawa to Toyamagawa in Nagano Prefecture. Below is a view from an overlook on the way.
I went with 4 other friends from Slow Life. I spent the day fishing with "Funkey Monkey" Okie-san (below). He caught a nice 19 cm amago using the traditional Japanese fly fishing style, Tenkara.
Satoh-san also tried his hand at Tenkara. He is using a bamboo Tenkara rod given to him by the chief editor of "Fly Fisher" magazine, Oguchi-san.

I only caught one fish for the day, a pretty decent 23 cm amago.


  1. The scenery and the fish are beautiful. It has been fun to see your blogs about flyfishing in Japan. After seeing the pictures of the fish you have inspired me to catch as many different species of trout that I can. It could also be an excuse to fish more!

  2. Any excuse to fish more is good. What species of trout are available in your area?