Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Fishing in Brevard

Last week I spent 4 days of fishing with friends from work in Brevard, NC. The weather was great, chilly 45 degree mornings and warm 70 degree afternoons. We caught a lot of fish the first 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday) on the North Mills and Little River. The streams we fished were Delayed Harvest catch and release only. Mostly stocked brook trout.

Then Friday and Saturday we fished the Wild section of the Upper Davidson River and caught some beautiful wild rainbows and browns.

Tim's 31 ft RV had all the comforts of home, including satellite TV!

Relaxing after breakfast.

Tim and Eric getting ready for fishing on the North Mills River. Eric caught a ton of fish this day using a streamer and stripping it in.

8" Brook Trout. This was a typical sized fish for the North Mills. They were taking mostly streamers and nymphs. Although I did catch a few on dry fly during the warm afternoon.

12" Brook Trout. Probably a hold-over brookie from the previous year stocking. I'm guessing because he was larger than most of the other fish.

Small wild Brown Trout from Upper Davidson River.

14" Brook Trout. This is the largest trout I have caught so far in America. I saw him tailing a spawning bed near the back of a large pool. I drifted a size 18 nymph by him and he took it on the first pass. He did not fight very hard, which was a good thing because I was using a 7X tippet. I waded out to the middle of the pool to net him to keep from breaking him off.

14" Brook Trout

Tim on the North Mills.

David S. on The Little River.

David S. stalking trout on the Upper Davidson.

10" wild brown caught on Upper Davidson in the Wild section. I made a long cast to a calm deep pool just downstream of a waterfall. I could not see my fly, but I did see a small dimple in the water when he took the fly. I set the hook hard and felt that I had a fish on. He fought hard and tried to go under an undercut rock on the side of the pool. I steered him back to the center of the pool and was able to net him. He had very nice color. There is just no comparison between the wild trout and the stocked trout.

10" wild brown close-up.


  1. The wild brown has beautiful markings. It must be great to spend that much time in nature, near running water and concentrating on one thing at a time. The only thing I don't like is the idea of hooks!

  2. Hi David:

    Yes, the wild brown is beautiful! I just hace recalled a famous saying by Lee Wulff that "A good game fish is too valuable to be caught only once." The point is good wild fish is really strong and pretty.
    Brown trout reproduces itself only in a very limited area in Japan. So, I envy you!
    Perhaps, you may wish to visit Silver Creek, Idaho next year. It contains many large sized wild browns and rainbows! I love Silver Creek and visited at least 4 times until now. The best fishing season of Silver Creek is the Independence Day (July 4th). You will be without doubt hooked by fishing deeper at the river!

  3. One thing I would like to add is that the photo of brown trout you took is exceptionally pretty. I have seen hundreds of brown trout so far, and the photo (the fish) especially its close-up is one of the loveliests!
    It is worthy to be printed and framed to show on the wall or somewhere else.

  4. Kyousirou,
    Thank you for the nice compliment. I like this photo too. The lighting was just right when I took the picture, I was lucky. I am using it as the background on my PC.
    Maybe I will have it framed.
    Yesterday I sent you a package by mail to your office. You should get it early next week. I think you will enjoy it.

  5. Well, well, that's something as a surprise? I'm expecting to seeing that.