Monday, December 29, 2008

Davidson River

Yesterday, we had good fishing on the Upper Davidson River. We were catching them mostly on pink egg imitations using high-stick nymphing technique.

Tim caught a beautiful brown.

Dave landing a nice sized rainbow.

This brown is 15+ inches long (I wish I had taken the time to actually measure it). It is the largest trout I have caught in the lower 48.


  1. Hi David:
    Long time no hear from you!
    It's a nice and fat brown.
    It must have been very thrilling to catch him on the 2-weight rod.
    Is there no closed season in Davidson River?

  2. Actually I was using a 4 weight rod, but it wss still a nice fight. Yes, the Davidson is known as a "Delayed Harvest River". That means you can fish it all winter but it is catch and release only. There are many rivers in North Carolina that can be fished all year. They started this program about five years ago and it has been very popular. It should be noted that this fish was caught in the "stocked" section of river not "wild".

  3. I'm missing 'open all year' river now in Japan. Today was my last fishing day of this year. Of course, it was at just fishing pond not wild stream. But had a good time there.

  4. I am looking forward to warm weather in the spring. All the fish will be very hungry and eager to take the dry fly. It is my favorite time for fishing.