Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monster Davidson River Brown Trout

Last week a very large brown trout was caught on the Davidson River near Brevard, NC by Graham Sturgis. Here is the original write-up by Kevin Howell (Owner - Davidson River Outfitters - Fly Shop).

There have been a lot of people fishing over the holiday period and with the increased water flows and warmer than usual temperatures, we have seen a lot of good fish being caught. However, Graham Sturgis, gets the big fish award. Graham stopped by the shop on Friday morning and we had a conversation about a large trout he had seen the evening before. We discussed the fish and what we thought it might be, I suggested a Foxee Red Minnow. After he left the shop he caught this brown out of the Catch and Release section of the Davidson River on a size 6 Clouser Foxee Red Minnow, on his first cast. After a couple of rough measurements and a couple of quick photo's the massive trout was released unharmed back into the Davidson. We estimate that the fish weighs somewhere in the 13-14 pound range.

click photo to enlarge

This is truly a fish of a lifetime.

Congratulations Graham!


  1. Wow!
    It's really a big brown.
    It is the fish which is called a lifetime trophy.
    Is Graham your friend, David?
    You should try another one!

  2. Actually I do not know Graham. This picture was sent to me by Davidson River Outfitters.
    From the background in the picture I think I know where that is.
    I will start using large streamers more for sure on the Davidson.

  3. Kyousirou,
    When you come to the USA you can fish the Davidson River with me for MONSTER brown trout.

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