Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Nebraska Fishing

Monday, I headed North for my first Nebraska fly fishing experience. I drove about 3 hours to a large reservoir formed by the Calamus dam. There is a small spring creek called Gracie Creek that feeds into the head of the reservoir which contains some nice rainbows.

The fish were very selective and it took me a while to figure out what they would hit on. I started with dries and had one rise, then they quit responding. Then I started fishing various nymphs, gradually getting smaller and smaller. Finally, I hooked and landed a beautiful 16" rainbow on this #24 midge pupa. I think this is a personal record for largest fish to hook size ratio.

I landed five fish for the day. Some were fooled with purple wooly buggers out in the lake area. I caught others using a bead head caddis nymph pattern.
Anyway, it was a great way to spend the day. I'll definitely try this spot again.


  1. Good to see a new blog entry! I hope all is well out there.


  2. Hi David:
    You have done well.
    Because I like spring creel also, I make some comments which may help you.

    1. Take a survey on the stomach content of trout. It will tell you the right flies to be used.
    2. Prepare scud or asellus pattern, as they are commonly seen in spring creek.
    3. Fly first presentation.
    (4.)Buy the latest product of supple fluorocarbon line made by KREHA Co. for tippet. It surely increases your catch.

  3. Once again I did not think about pumping the stomach. I will try to remember next time.
    I think the scud pattern would be a good choice, as you suggested.
    Fly first presentation was difficult in this situation because the wind was very strong.
    I hope to return to this spot so I can try your suggestions.

  4. You found a good stream. It reminded me of Silver Creek ID. It was very techinical, but worth to try. Enjoy your Nebraska Fishing!

  5. Hi David,you're blog is so cool man!!
    Keep fishin'up!!

  6. Hi Debi-chan,
    I'll be in Montana the end of July at the latest, although I haven't got the air ticket yet.

    What a beautiful spring creek it is! And nice fish too.

    It's fun to use small flies for the selective trout, isn't it?

    I'll let you know when I got the air ticket.

    Good fishing my buddy!

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