Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Virginia TU Rally (continued)

Sunday morning we had a short seminar after breakfast. We discussed ways to capitalize on Trout Unlimited's 50th anniversary. After the seminar, there was a raffle for a custom built fly rod made by Jon Hulcher. I was very lucky and won the rod! It is a 8' 5 weight with genuine cobra snake skin above the grip and carbon fiber reel seat. I think it is a very good looking rod with a medium to fast action.

I had heard that Virginia has excellent native brookie fishing and wanted to try it. We asked one of the local Virginians at the rally where the best brookie fishing was. He put us on a really good spot!

I caught a 7" brookie out of this large pool. This pool had 4 waterfalls about 30 feet tall. It was an idyllic setting.

This has to be the most colorful brook trout I have ever caught.

My friend Jimmy caught this healthy brookie in one of the lower pools.
The area surrounding the creek was really lush and green.

Virginia has some excellent brookie fisheries. I definitely want to fish here again.


  1. What a GREAT Weekend! That pic of me walking out is classic. I was winded! We'll do it agian in a year or so.

  2. Yes, the last picture is fine.
    Taking a picture from someone's back who is walking toward a stream lights up seer's imagination, what the man is thinking now, what he wants to do now, etc...

    You are moving to Nebraska!
    Yes, it's located by colorado where a friend of mine, Jimmy Omori of Frisco lives. You can call him for fishing imformation. He may stay at West Yellowstone, Montana in summer for guiding. Also, in Denver, a famous fly tyer, Ken Iwamasa, lives.